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Range of application

A laboratory unit in GMP-compliant design with manual control. This mixer is used for mixing and dispersing. Both powdered and liquid starting materials are mixed or dispersed by a knife tool rotating rapidly at the bottom of the mixing vessel. A scraper guided through the lid supports the circulation. A homogeneous distribution is achieved within a short time. Mixing units with nominal volumes from 0.5 to 14 liters can be used on this mixer.
Optionally available other tools allow a wide range for product testing and development.

Machine frame

On a machine frame made of stainless steel sheet, brushed AISI304 one-piece. Corners welded, weld seams ground. A control panel is embedded in the front of the housing. Electrical protection class IP 54. The mixer stands on flat machine feet. Motor (2kW servo-motor) and mixing unit are mounted on a shaft and can be swivelled by motor in the range between 180° (vertical) and approx. 75° (discharge). The motor is covered with a stainless steel housing. The mixing unit can be quickly and easily dismantled (for cleaning or replacement). Working positions between vertical and horizontal are possible.


Main motor:

3kW AC motor stepless speed control from approx. 50 – 3000UpM.


Servo gear motor which drives a shaft flanged centrally in the lid with scraper and product deflection function. 4 fixed preset speeds between approx. 10 and 40 rpm.

Swivel gear:

Swing motor with self-locking gears. Allows tilting during the process and emptying of the hopper.

Temperature sensor

PT100 temperature sensor, indication in the display of the touch screen. Sensor sheath made of stainless steel 1.4404 Sensor 0 – 160 °C Two-point calibration in the control panel at 20°C and 100°C.

Electrical system

Operating voltage 380V, 50Hz, three-phase control voltage 24V DC.
Safety interrogations on lid and vessel.
E-mains connection: 400 V / 3 Ph/50 Hz
Total power: approx. 3kW; nominal operating current: 10 A
Back-up fuse: 16A; Degree of protection: IP54


Choice of continuous operation or timed operation (timer). Manual speed adjustment
for main motor and counter-rotor (scraper). Digital actual value display of the main motor.
Counter-rotator display in stage 1 – 4 (approx. 10 – 40 rpm).


All operating functions are accessed via a touch screen. This is a 7″ color display, which is designed in protection class IP57. The following parameters are displayed:
– Speed of the main drive adjustable 100 to 3000 rpm.
Speed of the counter-rotator 4 speeds 10 to approx. 40 rpm.
Display of product temperature
Vacuum (optional)
Change from continuous operation to time (count-down counter) and interval operation.


Next to the touch screen is the EMERGENCY STOP button. Lid and container safety via 2 reed contacts, signal transmitter 1 is integrated in the container rim, a holder is arranged on the lid which accommodates the read head. Connected to the counter-rotating drive, the read head can only be put on when the counter-rotating drive is positioned. Signal transmitter 2 is located in the container holder. Cable routing is via spiral cable and system plugs.

Mixing unit

Exchangeable mixing container with lid and tools
Container, stainless steel AISI 1.4571, conical-cylindrical shape with nominal volumes from 1.2 -14 liters. Container rim with O-ring seal to the lid and 2 locking slots. Sealing of the drive shaft to the product chamber: shaft sealing ring.

Working tools in the hopper
Mixing tool for mixing and granulating operations, four-winged made of stainless steel 1.4571; spacer rings, 1 wing cross (friction increase).

Cover for counter-rotating operation:

Made of stainless steel with replaceable transparent inlet (Makrolon) . With a centrally located bearing housing and a plug-in device to accommodate the gear motor for driving the counter-rotator. Shaft sealing ring made of PEK. Rotary handles as clamp closures.
Supply connections in the inlet of the cover:
1.) Mounting spigot for temperature sensor.
2.) Standard ground socket 29/32 for sampling and dosing.
3.) 15mm socket

Temperature sensor

PT100 temperature sensor, indication in the display of the touch screen. Sensor sheath made of stainless steel 1.4404. It is adapted in length and diameter (stability) to container size. Two-point calibration.



Equipment as MP-GL (same mixing vessel and tools as MP-GL)
Tilting of the container
Manual via hand crank or motorized (control via control panel).
The inclination can be selected within the limits Min -110°and Max 30°.

Tilting the hopper

For gentle drying of the mix.
For emptying: Emptying position 110°.


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