Process overview

MP the versatile multi-purpose mixer

Process overview

MP is the abbreviation for ” multi purpose laboratory mixer”. This also describes the versatile field of application for this mixer. Due to its modular design, you can use the following processes for solid, semi-solid and liquid forms from 50 ml to 8 liters:


With the MP, a laboratory mixer was developed that is capable of subjecting the mixing material to varying degrees of stress. By changing the tools and varying the parameters of speed and time, various production mixers can be “simulated” (see also Symrise report). Already during the development, some questions can be clarified that often have to be corrected in the pilot approaches on a ton scale (e.g. the right amount of auxiliary materials, such as superplasticizer or release agent).


A well-known process for the production of detergents. Here, carriers that have capillary cavities are loaded with liquid.


This mixer is primarily used for moist granulation. Liquid is introduced through the lid with a single-substance or dual-substance nozzle. Speed and die variations can influence size and hardness.
The following step can then be carried out: Drying


Alternating vacuum and aeration on the one hand and tempering via the double jacket on the other, gentle drying processes are possible.

Emulsifying / Dispersing/Kneading

Only by changing the tools, the Somakon mixer or granulator can be configured into a process plant for semi-solid products within a very short time. The tool, specially designed for this occasion, allows emulsification operations from low to high viscosity and achieves the same dispersities as the classic production-scale rotor-stator process plants. In addition, it allows the function of a knife kneader.

Grinding / Crushing

The function of a knife/beater mill with a nominal volume of up to 5 liters is possible.

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