Table mixer MP-LB

The next generation

Labratory mixer MP-LB

Benchtop unit

Range of application: mixing, granulating, pelletizing, dispersing. Benchtop model, GMP-compliant, non-explosion-proof design. With a device for quick and easy exchange of the mixing or process vessels with the nominal volumes: 0.5 l; 1.2 l; 2.5 l; 5 l; 10 l. Dimensions of the mixer housing: W/ D/ H approx. 65 x 40 x 33 cm


Main motor 1,5 kW angular drive, frequency controlled approx. 150 – 2000UpM Mixer housing made of stainless steel sheet, brushed AISI 304 one-piece, corners welded, weld seams ground. A touch screen is embedded in the front of the housing as a control panel. Drive motor, frequency converter and complete control system mounted on stainless steel frame. The mixer stands on flat machine feet.

Electrical system

Operating voltage 230V, 50 Hz, control voltage: 24V DC 1.5 kW main motor. Safety interrogation in the lid and tank.

Control system

Operation of the mixer via 5.7″ touch panel, electrical protection class IP 54. Optional continuous operation or timed operation (count-down timer). Manual adjustment of speed for main motor, digital actual value indication of speed for main motor in display. Electronic protection of the lid after motor start. Container-specific safety query. Emergency stop above the touch panel, main switch on the side of the mixer housing.

Mixing unit

Exchangeable mixing container with lid and tools. Container, stainless steel AISI 1.4571, conical-cylindrical shape with different nominal volumes. Container rim with O-ring seal to the lid and 2 locking slots. Sealing of the drive shaft to the product chamber: shaft sealing ring.

Working tools in the vessel

Mixing tool for mixing and loading operations consisting of tool carrier, 1 four-bladed main mixing element; spacer rings, 1 blade cross (friction increase). All parts made of material 316L or similar.

Cover with stator:

Made of stainless steel with replaceable transparent inlet. (Makrolon) and eccentric stator with channel for dosing liquids with injection needle.
Parts in contact with the product AISI 316. 2 handles as clamp closures. Signal generator for safety interrogation also serves as locking device.


The MP-LB is a laboratory mixer for the production of product samples, or a tool for developing or testing mixing tasks which are later to be transferred to large mixers in production. The drive for the mixing tools arranged in the vessel bottom is provided by a frequency-controlled motor. The speed range depends on the container size used.
A stator is fixed in the lid, which deflects the tangential product flow into the center of the mixing tools.



The mixing container is closed by placing the lid on the edge of the container so that the locking bolts on the underside of the lid enter the keyhole-like slots. Then turn the lid approx. 10° to the right. The safety pin is inserted in this position. This fixes the lid and gives the mixer the release signal.
The MP-LB is designed for manual operation. The control panel, as well as all electronic and mechanical components are housed in the machine casing.
The MP-LB is splash-proof.

The work can be carried out in a very special way by replacing or adding various tools, such as dosing liquids during the process via the stator or the rotary union.

Labratory mixer MP-LB

Labratory mixer MP-LB

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