Customized products

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Customized products

MP with Safebox

Safebox with suction connection for increased user protection and protection of the ambient air.

MP with undershelf

MP with integrated stainless steel base cabinet to accommodate the additional machine components.

To facilitate the emptying of heavy mixing containers, the mixer is equipped with a lifting and tilting device.

Lifting/lowering is motorized by actuating buttons on the touch screen.

Swiveling and tilting is done manually.

If oxygen-sensitive products are to be manufactured, the mixing vessel must be inerted.

This is done either by:
1. vacuum or evacuation
2. inerting by flooding the mixing vessel with nitrogen or inert gas.


Combination unit (mixer-granulator-vacuum dryer for safe handling of GMP risk class 3 (or higher) / OEL class 3 – 5 under GMP conditions. Different mixing containers in usable sizes of 2.5 liters, 14 liters and 30 liters are modularly applicable. The entire system enables a high level of employee protection and prevents contamination of the environment.

For this purpose, powders are fed in and discharged via a double flap system in DN100. In addition, direct mixing, alcoholic moist granulation and vacuum drying with drag gas drying are possible in the unit.

The MP has a double jacket design of the vessel for temperature control.

For contamination-free operation, the exhaust air is discharged into the ambient air through two H14 filters connected in series. A contamination-free change of the filters is ensured by a double flap system.

A stator is fixed in the lid, which diverts the tangential product flow into the center of the mixing tools.

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